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Are you worried about the changes occurring to our climate, but avoid discussing climate change because you don’t know how? Are you afraid you might offend someone or get into an argument?

Only one in five Americans hear people they know talk about global warming, and that needs to change.

The TALK program takes the research on climate change communication theories and turns it into practice, teaching you the skills to raise the issue of climate change comfortably and successfully.

You will leave this program:

  • Having practiced raising and discussing climate change

  • Understanding the Six Americas and how to choose the right message based on who you’re talking to

  • With the confidence to talk to people with differing perspectives and knowing when not to waste your breath

Programs meet in person in the DC metro area, and are made up of a one-day session. We don’t charge for our programs, but do ask for a $20 donation to help us defray costs. For scheduling, or if you have more questions, please email us at