Are you unsure what to do about climate change? Spending time thinking about and debating the right approach? Concerned that there isn’t much that one person can do?

You can make a difference, and the time to take action is now.

The ACT program will help you stop worrying about what the “best” thing to do is, and will refocus you on how you can make a difference, based on your particular skills, interests, resources, and time.

You will leave this program knowing what you can do:

  • On a personal level (e.g., solar panels for your home)

  • On a larger level (e.g. community volunteer work of some sort)

  • And often on a group level (e.g., your organization does a climate change project together)

The ACT program is geared toward groups of people who already know one another (clubs, religious groups, friend groups) which allows you to support and hold one another accountable.

Programs meet in person in the DC metro area, and are made up of two-day sessions. We don’t charge for our programs, but do ask for a $20 donation to help us defray costs. For scheduling, or if you have more questions, please email us at