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Tory Ruttenberg

Tory is interested in both the environmental and the health issues surrounding climate change. She received a Certificate in Climate Change and Health from the Yale School of Public Health in January 2019. In addition, she majored in American Studies with a focus on Environmental Studies while an undergraduate at Yale, was a member of The Virginia Environmental Law Journal while at UVA’s School of Law, and she practiced environmental law for several years.

In 1997, Tory stopped practicing law and founded a management consulting business, focusing on coaching, facilitation, organizational development, and conflict resolution (ruttenbergconsulting.com).As her concern about climate change grew, she realized that she could combine her skills as a coach and facilitator with her knowledge of climate change and the environment to help others interested in working on climate change. So she, Fran, and Anne started Climate Change Group.   [LinkedIn]   [Facebook]

Fran Barnes

Fran has dedicated her work and volunteer service to organizations that connect people with nature. She is the Assistant Director of the Elements DC, an outdoor enrichment program based in Washington, DC. The Elements mission is to get young children and adults outside and active. Fran also serves on the board of trustees of City Kids Wilderness Project, a non-profit that provides enriching outdoorexperiences for DC youth.

Fran's expertise is in developing programs that facilitate intentional and empathetic communication. Her range of volunteer work focuses on cultivating a growth mindset and infusing everyday interactions with patience and humility. Through Climate Change Group, she applies these skills to help communities take action and engage in difficult conversations about climate change.   [LinkedIn]   [Facebook]

Anne Schroeder

Anne has always felt a deep commitment to her community, and has volunteered with local charities for children, veterans, and the elderly for the last twenty years. Her decision to expand her community efforts to include climate change was triggered by a growing concern about the alarming effects of climate change, which galvanized her to join Climate Change Group.   [LinkedIn]   [Facebook]